Jose Antonio Vargas speech

At the People of Color Conference, 2014.


New song making waves…

Macklemore is the rapper who has previously made waves with his song “Same Love” (about supporting the Washington State legalizing of gay marriage).  He is doing it once again with his new track called “White Privelege II”.  See the Video HERE   Music definitely has the power to get people talking.

There have been many different responses, here are a few:


From Black Lives Matter, Macklemore’s “White Privilege” and the Role of White Allies. They were mentioned in the song. A quote – “Eventually, we concluded that while this song is not for us, we appreciate the effort, and we stand behind Macklemore and his team’s use of their privilege and platform to push this important conversation”:

From Colorlines, Macklemore Addresses ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Appropriation Criticism on ‘White Privilege II’

From a music blogger.  Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s New Single Really Puts the “I” in “White Privilege II”  This one says a lot of different things, but he makes some interesting comments, especially # 11, 15 and 16.

“(it) can spur a dialogue, but dialogue is not enough”….

A critique from Gyasi Ross (a note and a rap response piece): 

A powerful response piece, “Macklemore, White Privelege 2, White Allies, and Black Liberation”: